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What is GSM

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  • GSM is a mobile communication modem which is used to transmit and receive mobile voice and data services. It stands for Global System for Mobile communications. It serves as an architecture for mobile communications in most of the countries. GSM was built on the concept of Time Division Multiple Access(TMDA) which allows all the users to share the same frequency channel by dividing the signals into different time slots. {for more information on time division multiple access refer to time division multiple access blog}
    GSM Architecture
    Features of GSM

    • ·       Good subjective speech quality
    • ·       Low cost
    • ·       Supports international roaming
    • ·       Supports hand held terminals
    • ·       Supports large range of new facilities and services
    • ·       Spectral efficiency         
    • ·       Integrated Service Digital Network(ISDN) compatibility.

    Integrated Service Digital Network
    Set of communication standards for simultaneous digital transmission for ·       Voice ·       Video ·       Data And other network services Over traditional circuits of public switched telephone network (normal wired telephone network)