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Quadcopter: Introduction

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  • Let’s take a look at what a quad-copter stands for. Quad which means four in Latin and copter signifies the medium of flight, by the means of spinning a rotor. As the name suggests, a quadcopter is a flying body, which uses the medium of spinning rotors, similar to that of a  full scale helicopter, to float in the air.  
    Quad-copters are used in multiple arenas in the modern world, such as; for surveillance, mapping, photography and many more innovative purposes.

    Any quadcopter in general has the following basic parts, which are easy to understand and build.Let's take a look at some of the parts required to build such a quadcopter:

    Airframe: Structure to hold the components
    Battery: Powerhouse of the quadcopter
     Flight control board: Brain of the quadcopter
    Power distribution board: Circulation of power, to control the quadcopter
    Electronic Speed Controllers: Regulate the motor speed
    Brushless motor: Special type of motors for High RPM operation
    Propellers: Convert spinning of motors into lift of the quad
    Peripheral connectors: Miscellaneous connectors used in the quad
    Transmitter and Receiver module: Helps direct the motion of the quad and hence acts as a medium of communication.