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Quad-copter: Basics

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  • As we saw in the previous blog, all quad-copters work on a simple, yet elegant principle. Let's take a dive into the basic concepts of how the quad flies. The Propeller, mounted on the motor has been specifically designed, so as to push down air. As a result, it generates an upward motion. However, to balance this force in a plane, 4 such motors are used to generate uniform lift, across the plane.

    But the question that arises is that, if all the motors were spinning in the same direction, would it not make the entire quad spin on the central axis? Precisely! To avoid the quad spinning out of control, an ingenious method of using two diagonally opposite  rotors spinning in clock wise and two other motors spinning in counterclockwise direction are used,  thus making the quad, rotationally stable.

    Here are some commonly used motors:

    Commonly used propellers:
    Constant pitch 2 blade props: 10 inches* 4.5 inches, 9 inches * 4.5 inches, 8 inches * 3.5 inches
    Constant pitch 3 blade props: 8 inches * 3.8 inches, 10inches * 7 inches, 4 inches * 2.6 inches

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